XXL garden trolley – transport attachment up to 350 kg 840

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Everyone who loves working in a garden knows very well how often you need to transport heavy cargo. The durable gardening trolley is perfectly suited for this task. The transporting trolley can withstand an up to 350 kg load, allowing it to transport anything that we need.
Among others it’s suitable for safely transporting plant seedling (also the bigger ones placed in heavy planters), transporting soil, wood and branches, manure, lime, fertilizer or leaves. It’s also great for a near home garden, for transporting bricks, stones, tools. The gardening cart features a very practical and convenient metal handle with foam protection. The handle makes it easier to move the cart on a large distance even with heavy cargo. The handle is detachable - when detached you can attach a rope to it the transporting trolley creating a convenient car or garden tractor transportation cart. The wheels of the transportation trolley are pumped and profiled (26 cm wheel diameter), this allows the gardening wagon to move even on uneven and difficult surfaces.
The gardening cart features a durable construction, looks good and is user friendly. The transporting cart’s sides feature a grid and can be opened. This makes it easier to load and unload it ( you don’t have to carry the cargo to the top of the cargo, which in case of heavy sacks will pose a problem). The set also features a material which can be put on the sides of the gardening trolley in case you’re transporting small objects which can fall out through the grid.

DURABLE, PROFILED WHEELS - the trolley features 4 pumped wheels, the wheels are profiled so that the trolley can move on difficult terrain.


DURABLE - it can perfectly handle 350 kg of load capacity.


CONVENIENT HANDLE - makes pulling the trolley and transporting the cargo much easier.


OPENABLE SIDES - they allow to easily load and empty the trolley


SPECIFICATION - max, load: up to 350 kg, capacity: 227 l, cart dimensions (length/width/height): 96/51/51 cm, trolley length: 188 cm, trolley height: 82 cm, wheel diameter: 26 cm, weight: 22 kg

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