Wooden ventilated laptop stand drawer #515

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The convenient and practical ventilated laptop stand is an accessory which will be appreciated by anyone who likes to work on their computer in a comfortable, more chilled out position. Sadly, using a laptop in your bed often means placing it on our knees, a position which not only is uncomfortable to us but also can make the laptop overheat. The wooden laptop stand is well suited for working in bed, on a sofa, on a plane, a buss or a train. Thanks to the holes found on the top we can wrap ourselves in our favorite blanket and place the laptop on this ventilated stand - it guarantees that the laptop won’t overheat. The holes in the top will dissipate the heat making the battery last longer and protecting the device from getting damaged.
With the laptop ventilation we can once and for all forget about working discomfort. The wooden laptop stand allows you to adjust the leg height and the tilt angle of the top. This will let you adjust the laptop table according to your own needs and your current position. A comfortable position makes using the laptop more efficient, it takes the strain off of your eyes and your back. The practical support of the ventilated laptop stand - it protects the computer from falling off, even when the stand is placed under steep angle.


VENTILATION - an overheated laptop works less efficiently and uses up more quickly. The stand features special notches in the top, those allow it to dissipate the heat with ease. Proper ventilation of the stand makes the battery last longer so that you won’t be bound to the cable.


CONVENIENT STAND - the top of the stand features a special panel which protects the laptop from falling off even when it’s tilted. This means that we can use the laptop even while half laying down, it will still stay stable on the stand.


HEIGHT AND TILT ADJUSTMENT - the height of the table legs and the tilt angle of the top of the stand are both adjustable. This allows you to set up the table in the perfect position suiting your needs and your current position. The comfortable position will make working more convenient and more fruitful. 


SMALL DRAWER - allows you to store small but essential items close to you. You won’t ever again have to look for a pen, self adhesive paper, headphones or a pendrive - now you can safely store all of them in the drawer giving you an option to always have them within hands reach while you’re working on the laptop.


SPECIFICATIONS - material: wood, top dimensions (width/length/width): 49,5/29,7/4,5 cm, weight: 2.2 kg, tilt adjustment: level I - 13 cm, level II - 12 cm, level II - 10.6 cm, level IV – 6 cm.

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