Wooden Playpen Stall Tread runway barrier grille dog animals multi-purpose #1803

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Designating an area inside rooms or outside helps in taking care of your pets, also helps to guarantee safety. The wooden playpen with variable modes and a gate is a device that’s easy to set up and one that can used straight away. The playpen consists of 8 panels which can be set up in any way you like. The playpen is  safe and stable thanks to the anti-slip feet with mousse preventing it from damaging the floor. This allows to place it on any level surface without any risk. The dismountable playpen is made from solid pine wood, the cross elements have a smooth surface, same thing with the edges. In addition all of the elements are slightly round, which significantly reduces the risk of injuries even in case direct, dynamic impact.
The wooden playpen offers the opportunity to set up an enclosed area of up to 7,2sqm. This makes for a perfect solution in case of keeping such pets like dogs, inside it. The playpen with variable modes features a moving gate with a lock. The folded set doesn’t take up much space which makes it easy to store. The playpen can be used at home (e.g. placing it on a foam puzzle set), as well as outside on almost any kind of surface.
In order to increase the safety of the playpen, there is a possibility to attach it to a wall or other stable or fixed to the ground objects. The set includes all of the elements necessary to prepare the playpen for usage. Setting up is the playpen is easy, doesn’t take up much time or any special skills.

WIDE - After setting it up the product allows to secure an area of 7,2 sqm., letting you create a controlled area at the same time allowing for a lot of freedom inside it.


VARIABLE USE - 8 separately adjustable panels make it easy to adjust the playpens setting to the shape and dimensions of the space which it is supposed to control, as well as the individual safety requirements of the user.


SAFE - smooth wooden elements and anti-slip feet with mousse, as well as the door lock, make it so that the playpen ensures an accurate level of protection and use, as well as giving proper control to the caregivers.


WIDE AREA OF USAGE - the device is perfect for setting up a safe area, inside which one can move freely, as well as limiting movement for house pets which are kept inside the playpen area and remain under constant supervision.


FEATURES - dimensions: weight 10kg;  materials pine wood; maximum area 7,2sqm

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