THERMOMETER FOR GRILL AND SMOKEHOUSE • stainless steel • temperature range: 0 to +250° C • excellent tool for grill, smokehouse • #1881

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Everyone who has grilled or used a smoking chamber at least once knows very well how important it is to control temperature. When the temperature is too low, the goods will be raw - when the temperature is too high, food will be charred. It is difficult to measure the temperature "roughly" so if you want to have total control over the grilling/smoking process, you should obtain a special grilling/smoking thermometer. This analog thermometer with probe will be perfect to control the temperature of grilling or smoking . It can be used at home and in restaurants or food courts.
The analog thermometer with probe is made from high quality stainless steel which is particularly solid and resistant to high temperatures. The grilling/smoking thermometer will be perfect to measure the temperature directly or indirectly. The dial is 5 cm in diameter, therefore it is easy to read the temperature even when there is a lot of smoke. The grilling/smoking thermometer also has very well-indicated temperature ranges - temperatures between 0-85 degrees are shown in blue, temperatures between 85-182.5 degrees are shown in red, and temperatures between 182.5 and 300 degrees are shown in white. The thermal sensor in this analog thermometer is placed in the area between 1.3 cm and 5 cm, counting from the top of the skewer.
The thermometer is characterised by great accuracy in temperature measurement. Error tolerance is between +/- 1°C, which is sufficient to have full control over the device and, therefore, allows you to prepare perfect meals.

SOLID - made from the high quality heat-resistant stainless steel

ACCURATE - error tolerance is +/- 1°C which guarantees total control over temperature inside the grill /smoking chamber.

LARGE DIAL - you can read the indicated temperature with ease even when the device emits a lot of smoke.

SPECIFICATION - temperature range: from 0°C do + 300°C, error tolerance: to ok +/- 1°C, dimension (height/width): 5/7.5 cm, weight: 40 g.

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