Tagging Gun 5000pcs Pins For Needle Garment Clothing Brand Labelling Tagging Barbs 291

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Every owner of a clothing shop or toy store knows very well how important it is to be able to quickly and efficiently put a label on their wares. It very often happens that because items are being sold in a set (e.g. socks), accessories need to be connected together as well as tagged. The label tag gun makes for a perfect solution In such a situations, allowing us to  quickly tag the goods and connect them into pairs. The  device uses single-use kimble barbs, which are always good to have around in large amounts.
The  tags for the label tag gun are the best way to connect the product being sold with the tag, or with another product. The label tag attachments are perfect for putting tags on products and for connecting materials woven in either standard or loose ways. The label tag gun kimble barbs sold in in this auction are meant for devices which use a standard needle. Attachments like this are perfect for labeling practically any relatively soft product. The kimble barbs can be used to label socks, underwear, clothes and toys, among other things. With the use of the label gun attachments you can also connect pairs of shoes, gloves, caps, purses, and all kind of kitchen accessories.
Each label tag gun fastener barb is very lightweight and elastic. In addition the attachments are very durable and resilient - they not only allow the label tag gun to firmly attach the tags to the products, but also to connect them together. One box features 5000 individual label tag gun kimble barbs. Each one of the tags is 35 mm long and a standard thickness - when  skillfully used, they do not damage fabrics, and don’t leave a trace after being taken off. The label tag gun kimble barbs are compatible with most commonly used label tag gun machines.


DURABLE– sprawdzą się nie tylko do standardowego metkowania towaru, ale również łączenia asortymentu w pary czy mniejsze grupy.

UNIVERSAL– pasują do wszystkich standardowych metkownic igłowych. 

DOES NOT DAMAGE PRODUCTS – umiejętnie założone nie niszczą materiału, a po zdemontowaniu nie zostawiają widocznego śladu.

LARGE PACKAGING/BIG BULK – w zestawie jest aż 5000 sztuk, co pozwala na jednorazowe oznaczenie i połączenie większych ilości towaru (np. przy dostawie).

SPECIFICATION– number: 5000, length of binding strips: 35 mm, packaging dimensions (length/height): 24/7 cm, weight of packaging: 150 g. 

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