Solar ultrasonic marten terrier 2 pcs. Mole rodent mouse 400-1000 Hz to 500m2 219

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Are you fed up with bitten crops, and at the sight of mounds on a freshly planted lawn you get frustrated? Solar powered rodent repeller is the perfect solution for your garden! It is a completely maintenance-free and wireless device. It has a built-in solar battery, so it works without the need to replace the battery. Just put a solar powered mole repeller onto the ground and ... enjoy the garden without the burdensome, uninvited guests.

The sound emitted by the solar powered mole repeller has a variable frequency in the range of 400 - 1000 Hz. This is very important, because animals do not get used to one frequency and just for peace of mind they will reach another more quiet place. Moles detest the noise - this one with variable frequency is extremely difficult to bear. Solar powered rodent repeller works 24 hours a day. Every 30 seconds, it emits sound, which is extremely troublesome for animals such as moles, voles, mice, ground squirrels and flying squirrels. This sound is not dangerous or troublesome for people and pets.
With the solar powered rodent repeller, you can be sure that your crops, lawn and trees will be safe. One device operates in the range of up to 500 m2, and the first effects are visible after just 5 days! The solar powered mole repeller will work best on moist or clay soils - remember that a dry, sandy surface can suppress the sounds made by the device and limit their range. For this type of soil, a minimum of two repellents should be used once.

RESISTANT TO ATMOSPHERIC CONDITIONS - this device is not threatened by rapid changes in temperature and rain.


HARMLESS FOR HUMANS AND DOMESTIC ANIMALS - works only on moles, voles, mice, gophers.


VARIABLE SOUND FREQUENCY - there is no chance that rodents will get used to the sound frequency.


WORKS 24 HOURS A DAY- emits sounds every 30 seconds, completely automatic and wireless.


SPECIFICATION - frequency: 400-1000 Hz, charging: batteries based on UV radiation, operating range: 500 m2, size (height / width): 46/15 cm, weight: 500 g, in a set: 2 pieces of repellent

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