Socks Underwear Handkerchiefs Ties Organiser for Drawer Storage Box Container with 24 Compartments 1229

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Order in a drawer, closet or shelf guarantees less time spent searching for individual items. A soft, foldable organiser with 24 compartments allows for efficient sorting of underwear, socks, ties or belts. Thanks to this, the morning routine activities before going to work will be less time-consuming and thus will help to maintain a good mood and energy for the whole day. The container is made of breathable material, what means that despite the many compartments, it does not accumulate moisture, which can sometimes remain in some not fully dried underwear. It also allows for easy penetration of fragrances from scented sachets placed in wardrobes or drawers, that aim to give freshness to the underwear but also to protect against moths. The organiser is very easy to unfold, what is possible thanks to the elastic, stiffening, permanently sewn in inserts. It can fit up to 24 pairs of socks, underwear or other accessories. The container can also be useful in the bathroom to tidy up cosmetics, jewellery or other accessories. The organiser can be easily cleaned on the surface using a slightly damp cloth.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND THIN – does not take up extra space and does not overload the drawer or shelf.


EASY UNFOLDING – the organiser is made of a soft material, reinforced with flexible, stiffening inserts, which guarantee easy unfolding without the need for any assembly operations.


SPECIFICATION – dimensions (length/width/height) 40/32/11cm, weight: 160g.


BREATHABLE MATERIAL – made of breathable material, which prevents moisture from accumulating in the compartments.


PRACTICAL COMPARTMENTS – 24 places for various items, such as underwear, socks, belts or ties.

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