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The pinhole glasses are popular and appreciated for a very long time. The glasses are designed to train your eye muscles. The model has no lenses and have multi protective barriers. They will be very useful when we try to improve the vision of people who suffer from the early stages of cataracts, astigmatism and strabismus in children. The corrective pinhole glasses restore natural mobility of eyes and functions of the eye muscles. The size is universal - they can be used both by men and women.
The pinhole glasses can also be used by people who do not suffer from serious sight problems. They are perfect for everybody who has the impression in the evening that the their visual acuity decreases or feel great eye fatigue after working in front of a computer. The corrective pinhole glasses decrease the eye fatigue and improve visual acuity. It has nothing to do with lenses adjusted to certain visual impairment - the eyeball muscles themselves must train in order to improve sight.
You can expect first results of wearing pinhole glasses already after 3-5 days of regular use. However, in order to achieve lasting effects, you must train your eyes every day for at least 6 weeks. At first you don't need to wear the pinhole glasses for longer time than for a few minutes when you do some daily activities at home - when you read, watch tv or work at your computer. You should gradually increase the length of time when you wear them to achieve the final result of 2-3 hours per day.

CORRECTS SIGHT DEFECTS - glasses will be suitable for people suffering from myopia, hypermetropy, treatment of strabismus in children and in the early stages of cataracts.


UNIVERSAL SIZE - will fit everybody, perfect both for women and men.


TRAINS EYE MUSCLES - exercises with glasses strengthen the eye muscles, reduce eye fatigue and stimulate the blood supply.


LASTING EFFECTS - when used regularly, according to the recommendations, the glasses will give lasting effects.


SPECIFICATION - colour: black, dimensions (length/width): 14.5/14 cm, weight: 24 g.


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