Magnetic board for kitchen or workshop - magnet for knives scissors #1590

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It’s the perfect choice if you want to keep your metal objects close and in perfect order or to store them in a stable and safe manner. The magnetic board is very universal - it can be used almost anywhere, in any place where we are being surrounded by little objects with metal elements. The magnetic holder is suitable for both the kitchen and the office, where you’ll be able to store your knives and scissors, it will also find its place in the garage or a workshop so you’ll be able to keep your tools in order. It’s also suitable for a garden where it can be used to organise small tools, or even the hallway to hang up keys or the bathroom to organise cosmetics with a metal handle.
The magnetic handle has been equipped with a double magnetic core, which guarantees strong attraction of the metal objects A huge benefit of the magnetic board is the ease of assembly. You can attach it to a wall or a cupboard with the use of the wall plugs included in the set. In case of need, a double sided self adhesive tape will also do the job (not included). The magnetic board is 32.5 cm long and 5 cm wide. It’s design is very aesthetically pleasing and is sure to fit inside any interior, no matter the decoration.
Thanks to the magnetic handle, you can easily organise your metal accessories. This way you won’t lose them and they’ll always be within arms reach. This allows you to save working space, a treat which will be especially appreciated by those who lack such a space. Another benefit of the magnetic board is that the metal objects won’t touch each other and won’t get damaged as a result.

STRONG MAGNET - thanks to the use of a double magnetic core, the metal object can easily “stick” to the board.



EASY TO ASSEMBLE - the board can be attached to the wall with the use of wall plugs or double sided self adhesive tape.



UNIVERSAL - it’s suitable for use at home, in a garage, an office or a workshop.



SIMPLE DESIGN - the board fits perfectly as a part of interior decoration.



FEATURES - dimensions (L/W): 32.5/5/1.5 cm, weight: 250 g, the set includes: a magnetic board, wall plugs

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