Magnesium firestarter survival bonfire grill firesteel #575

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The magnesium fire starter is an indispensable part of every fishermans, tourists or travellers equipment. We can take the bonfire flint anywhere with thanks to its small size (length 7.5 cm and width 0,8 cm) and lightweight (only 25 g). You can keep it in the pocket of your jacket, in a bag or in your backpack, surely a great asset. It’s good to have it around during every trip - you’ll never know when it might come useful. The travel firestarter is waterproof, this allows you to start a bonfire even in the most severe weather conditions. neither rain, nor air moisture or any other bad weather condition won’t hinder its ability to light a standard bonfire. Each magnesium firesteel set also features a special piece of string with a steel plate attached, the edges of the plate are used to rub the rod. One of the edges is straight while the other is serrated. The grill firestarter is very efficient. One tourist firesteel is enough for 6000 ignitions. We won’t need to worry anymore about being able to start a bonfire thanks to the bonfire flint there will always be a solution available. The rule behind the use of the magnesium firesteel is very simple. All you have to do to get a spark is rub the magnesium rod against the metal plate and… that’s it. You have to do it quickly in order to create a 3000°C spark which will help us the start a fire any time we wan’t and anywhere we like. The bonfire firestarter will help us keep warm during cold days and evening practically anywhere we are. 

EFFICIENT - the product can be used multiple times. One magnesium firesteel can be ignited around 6000 times. You won’t have to worry anymore about not being able to start a fire - thanks to the firesteel you will be able to get by even in difficult circumstances.


EASY TO USE - the principle governing the magnesium flint is a very easy one. All you have to do is rub the flint with the magnesium rod and you’re ready. You will immediately create a 3000°C spark. Now all you need is a couple of twigs, hay and wood to create a bonfire.



SMALL SIZE - thanks to the small size of the firesteel (length/width - 7.5/0.8 cm) you can take anywhere with you. You can even keep it in the pocket of your jacket or in a small bag. Fisherman, survivalists and tourists will all find it useful. When going on a trip all you have to do is put it in your backpack and in if a need arrives, starting a bonfire won’t pose a problem


WATERPROOF - You can use it practically anywhere thanks to its waterproof qualities - no matter the weather. Neither rain nor high air moisture hinder it’s capabilities - it will always work perfectly.


SPECIFICATION - number of uses: 5000-6000 ignites, dimensions (length/width): 7.5/0.8 cm, weight: 25 g.

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