Lockable box - lockbox with latch – hidden book box #1212

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An inconspicuous lockbox with key in an accessory which will be useful at home as well as in offices and hotels. This locking safe with keys guarantees that it won't draw any attention - it looks like a book to avoid suspicion. No one will be able to spot the lockbox amongs books as it gives the impression of a real English dictionary. The imitation is so good that the lockbox can easily be left on top of a shelf - no one will have a clue that there is money inside.
The locking book safe is made from high quality sheet steel and its cover is made from grained cardboard and plastic. The whole thing is locked safely with a key and latch so even if the box gets into the wrong hands, nobody will get inside. The only person who can open it is the owner of the keys that are included in the set. The lockbox full of money can be taken with you easily when need (for example in your bag) - it is not attached to anything and its inconspicuous appearance will protect you from pickpockets. This lockbox with keys is a safe way to transport precious objects.
You can place your valuables in the lockbox, such as money, jewelry, watches or important documents. The lockbox is very spacious - its dimensions are 23 cm in length, 14,5 cm in width and 5 cm in height. The locking book box has a large capacity and it will protect your possessions from the attention of unwanted people.

UNIVERSAL - suitable for homes, offices and hotels.


INCONSPICUOUS - looks like an ordinary book, so as not to draw attention or raise suspicion.


SAFE - lockable, so only the owner can get inside


HIGH QUALITY - compartment is made from good quality sheet steel, its cover is made from grained plastic and cardboard which guarantees years of use.


SPECIFICATION: colour: black, external dimensions (length/width/depth): 24/15,5/5,5 cm, interior dimensions (length/width/depth): 23/14,5/5 cm, weight: 700g, set contain: box + keys.

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