Letterbox Wall Mounted Outdoor Post Box Mailbox with Cover - Silver Weather Resistant Slim Line & Lockable with Newspaper Slot 1187

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Correctly delivered correspondence does not only mean the peace of mind associated with the quality of the parcel but also the attention to the place, where the parcel will be placed to be picked up by the recipient.
The letterbox has a covered aperture, what means that the inner part of the box is protected from atmospheric conditions. This is particularly important for classic letters and postcards that are not water-resistant and could be damaged if they came into contact with moisture. The lid, after closing, is supported by two rubber washers, what means that even if it’s left to fall by its own, it does not make too much noise or cause a damage to the surface of the letterbox. The easily lifted flap has a specially profiled edge, which facilitates its opening. In addition, it prevents the water flowing on the letterbox or rain from getting into the upper gap between the door and the box, and thus the water does not flow into the interior. Furthermore, in the box construction, there are ventilation openings that allow self-evaporation of excess moisture naturally depositing on the walls of closed objects which are placed outside.
The doors opening forward are closed using a lock with a closing lever and they open wide enough to allow easy access to the interior of the letterbox, and thus efficient extraction of even bigger correspondence.
At the top of the door, there is an address window in which you can insert the house number or the recipient's name. Thanks to three small windows, it is possible, without opening the lock and door, to check whether there is a letter inside the box. At the base of the box, there is a hole for leaving newspapers, advertising magazines or leaflets.
The set contains two keys, so you do not need to make an extra copy if more than one person uses the mailbox. The correspondence box also has special mounting holes. Using the supplied bolts and washers that also serve as distances, it is enough to screw it to the surface on which it is to be placed.
The smooth surface makes the box easy to clean and does not collect excessive dirt in the form of falling dust.
A classic colour and an interesting shape of the box front fit well with any type of surface, regardless of its structure and colour.


COVERED aperture – the letterbox has an aperture covered by a special lid which is protecting it against atmospheric conditions.


PLACE FOR NEWSPAPERS AND LEAFLETS - at the base of the box there is a special hole to fit rolled newspapers, advertising materials or leaflets.


SPECIFICATION - dimensions (length/width/height) 10/30.7/34cm; weight of the set 1.95kg.


2 KEYS - the set contains a pair of keys, so there is no need to make another copy if the letterbox is used by additional people.


MOUNTING ELEMENTS - the set includes mounting bolts and rubber washers/spacers, thanks to which it is enough to screw the box through the holes in the back.

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