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Exceptionally comfortable, all-purpose cushion. Perfect both, in home and during travelling. It’s filled by special foam (polyethylene) and gel, thanks to that it’s really soft and comfortable. Cushion provides maximum of support for backbone. It adjusts for body shape, gives exceptionally relax. Cushion owns aesthetic pillowcase.

Excellent for car – many hours travels can be very tiring for backbone, and thanks to gel cushion, you can feel exceptionally comfortable. Special foam with high density and gel inside product reduce burden of muscles and joints, which are effect of weight of body.

Cushion owns pillowcase fastened by zipper (poliester) – from the one side has soft fur with material like sheep’s wool, from the other side is trimmed by stretching polyester material. Thanks to possibility of remove you can launder pillowcase (manual) , thanks to that pillow will be in good quality for long time.

Cushion is light, thanks to that you can take it for travelling by car. Perfect during: travel, sitting, resting, watching TV, reading, sleepng, for relax.

Excellent for office – keeping behind back or rear let relieve your backbone. Perfect both for prengnant women for keeping bettween legs during sleeping. It’s recommended to equalize it after each use, to gel keep evenly. Don’t puncture cushion by sharp elements and don’t use it without pillowcase.

comfortable, filled by special foam (polyethylene) and gel



it adjusts for body shape



it owns aesthetic pillowcase, fastened by zipper



perfect for office, during travelling, reading etc.

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