Elegant Box Organizer for Watches - Case 10 Compartments Box 1369

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Organizer for watches with 10 compartments
The elegant box for watches has 10 compartments in which you can place not only watches but also other jewellery. The casket has an elegant black colour and visible lighter seams, which adds elegance and style. The lid of the watch case is transparent (acrylic glass) so that the box for watches can be used not only for storage but also for elegant display of the content.
The purchase of a box for watches will be a very successful, useful gift that everyone will appreciate. In the organizer, you can also store bracelets and other jewellery on watches. Partitions have special inserts that can be set at a chosen angle or removed completely. Thanks to such possibilities, the case for watches is suitable for storing many different types of jewellery. The organizer for watches has a padded interior with a special, exceptionally soft material. This material protects the contents of the watch case from scratches. The dividers are separated from each other by higher walls, which protects the stored accessories from undesirable contact that could result in damage. The box also has a special ribbon that supports the open lid while protecting the interior and contents of the watch box. Before accidentally pouring the contents of the organizer on the watches, it also protects an extremely aesthetic and safe snap closure.


AESTHETIC AND ELEGANT - case made with attention to detail, presents itself beautifully and displays its content wonderfully.


UNIVERSAL - suitable not only for storing watches, but also for bracelets and other jewelry.


CLOSED FOR THE LATCH - it will not open by accident and its contents will not fall out during the transfer.


SECURE INSIDE - the interior of the organizer is padded with a soft material, thanks to which the stored accessories are protected by scratches.


SPECIFICATION - and the number of compartments: 10, color: black, dimensions (length x width x height): 20,3 x 25,3 x 8, cm, dimensions of the partition (length x width): 9 x 4, 5 cm.

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