Electronic Mini Scale 200G 0,01G #135

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The precise, pocket sized jewelry scale is a device that anyone can find useful. The up to 200g weighing range and the high accuracy, up to 0,01 gram, allow you to weigh even the smallest objects in a professional manner. The up to 200g scale is powered by batteries (2 AAA batteries) and its compact size (12x6,2x2 cm) means that you can take it anywhere with you without a problem. The up to 200g scale features a useful flap, which makes the transport easier and protects both the display and the device from damage. The small pocket size scale allows you weigh tiny objects, such as jewelry and gemstones with utmost precision and accuracy.
With 6 different measuring units available (g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn) the small pocket size scales excel at universality. Another benefit of the scales is the TARA function. The taring of the little up to 200g scale will come in handy when, for instance, we want to subtract the weight of the packaging from the weight of the item inside the package. If, for instance, all of the gems are packed inside the same string bag, we can tare the bags weight and then weigh the gems which are packed inside it without the need to take them out of it. The pocket size jewelry scale will show only the weight of the gemstone - even though it has been weighed while inside the packaging. The small up to 200 g scale features a very readable illuminated display, which makes the reading of measured weight much easier to read. 
The small pocket size scales  also feature an automatic switch off function. The small pocket size scale switches off automatically if it’s not being used for longer than 3 minutes, guaranteeing a longer life of the battery.

TARA FUNCTIONS - Ideal for subtracting the weight of the package from the weight of the object inside the box.



SWITCHES OFF AUTOMATICALLY - this allows you to save energy and increase the lifetime of the battery. An unused scale switches off after 3 minutes.



SMALL SIZE - the compact size of the device allows you to take it anywhere with you.



ACCURACY AND PRECISION - the accuracy of the scales reaches up to 0,01 gram allowing you to weigh even the smallest of objects.



FEATURES - measuring units: g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn, weighing  range: up to 200g, weighing accuracy: up to 0,01 g, additional functions: TARA, illuminated display, automatic off switch: after 3 minutes, power supply: 2x AAA batteries (included), dimensions (L/W/T) 12/6,2/2 cm, weight: ~120 g.

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