Dictaphone Pendrive 4Gb

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Memory                                                 4GB
Recording time                                      18-28h after total charge
Charging time                                        2h
Sample frequency                                  48kHz
Transmission's speed                             192kbps
Sound files format                                 WAV
Battery                                                   built-in accumulator
System requirements                             Windows 2000, XP, 7, USB 2.0
Dimensions                                            6,5x2x1cm
Weight                                                    30g

High-quality dictaphone - pen drives with built-in internal memory 4GB and function of recording after sound detection - threshold 40dB (it allows to use a device as a comfortable bug)
The device allows recording a sound in high quality. Dictaphone is perfect for hidden recording and for interviews, for example: on the academic lecture. The device doesn't awake any suspicions - just turn it on and leave in that room where will be a conversation.

It has got the function of automatic VOR recording (voice detection) when the device will recognize a sound and it will end recording when a conversation will end. Easy in use - function of voice activation automatic starts recording when someone starts a conversation near this device - recording will be stopped when the conversation will be finished - the device will wait for another sound and it will start recording again.

If the battery will discharge or memory on pendrive will end, the device will save conversation in this moment itself, and because of that, you won't lose your recording! Small dimensions allow to carry this device everywhere with you and because of small dimensions, it is very easy to hide. Built-in accumulator. Charging directly from computer's USB port, but pendrive can be connected to USB charger, for example: from smartphone.

The possibility of saving to about 30 hours of records on built-in internal memory, high microphone's sensitivity. Small hole on case allows to hang it on a string, because of that pendrive can be carried for example: with keys. For start recording, just move a switch to ON position. The device has to be charged by USB port - then switch has to be in OFF position. Then, after connecting with computer, dictaphone is like a pendrive - you can copy recorded conversations from it or keep your files there.

function of recording after sound detection - threshold 40dB


function of automatic VOR recording


built-in accumulator


charging from USB port

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