Clothes folder – clothes folding board S 40x48 cm #1180

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Are you fed up with mess in your wardrobe and clothes falling out of it, all creased and crumpled? This folding board is an ideal solution -  pleasing to the eye and it will take only 3 seconds to help you to fold your clothes! It is a great and  time saving device - you will finally have more time for yourself without feeling any remorse. This board will fold your clothes neatly and you will only need to put them in your wardrobe. The times where you put piles of the washed clothes from one place to another are over and the inside of your wardrobe will not scare you anymore.
The folding board is brilliantly simple. It will speed up the whole process of folding clothes. It will take you just a few seconds to have your piece of clothing folded and ready to be put back to your wardrobe. No more dealing with creased clothes taken straight out of the wardrobe which still look too bad to wear them anyway. All the neatly folded clothes will not get creased in the wardrobe and that will allow you to save time on ironing.
It takes only 3 quick movements to make use of this folding board. The result will be neatly folded clothes. It genuinely can't be any easier - you just lay a piece of clothing on the folded board, close inside two wings of the device and then open it and close the lower board of the item. The clothes folder is available in up to 8 colours: white, yellow, orange, red, pink, green, light blue and blue. The folding board easily will help you to fold (depending on its size) t-shirts, shirts, trousers, suits, jackets, baby clothes, washcloths or underwear. The folding board of size S has dimensions of 40 x 48 cm - it will be ideal to fold smaller clothes. The bigger folding boards are also available at our different auctions.

TINY AND LIGHTWEIGHT - does not take much space, it is easy to store when not in use


EASY TO USE - can be used even by children, perfect to teach your children how to do fold their clothes by themselves and how to maintain order.


PERFECT FOLDING - only three simple movements and your clothes will be neatly folded.


UNIVERSAL - allows you to fold many kinds of clothes and materials, you can use it to fold underwear, washcloths, baby clothes etc.


SPECIFICATION– size: S, dimensions: 40/48 cm, weight: 315 g.

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