Children Doctor Set Large Table Many Trays Much Accessories 62cm High Colorful & Safe1401

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Every child no matter if a boy or a girl is going to love this well equipped little doctor playset. The doctors table for children is the perfect idea for a gift, not only will it grant the child a lot of fun but it also educates them. The doctors playset for children will also help the children get accustomed with medical services, so that in the future they won’t be scared when visiting a real doctor.
The little doctor set features a big table with shelves, a counter and a tap. It’s perfectly suited for examining and treating patients but it can also serve as a doll changing table. Besides, the doctors table set also includes many medical instruments, which look just like those used by real doctors. The doctor playset for children, among others, includes a stethoscope, a drip feed, pill boxes, a thermometer, glasses, tweezers, tongs and many other accessories. The little doctor playset is great at stimulating the child’s imagination. The child can turn into a real doctor who examines teddy bears, dolls, the parents, their siblings or their grandparents, then they can plan out their treatment and taking care of them. They can measure their temperature, prescribe pills and even apply a drip if such need arises. The doctor playset for children teaches children empathy and the basics of first aid. The doctors table for children offers teaching through playtime; it can spark a passion for medicine. The toy is safe for children and can be used by children over the age of 3.

MEDICAL ACCESSORIES - the set includes many items which imitate real instruments used by doctors, thanks to that the playtime is even more realistic. Here we can find, among others, a drip feed set, a stethoscope, a thermometer, scissors and glasses. Such a set of instruments is perfectly suited for the best medical facility!


STIMULATES IMAGINATION - the set will allow your child to turn into a doctor examining and attending to their bears, dolls and their parents.There are a lot of opportunities for creative fun - you can listen in to the breathing process with the stethoscope, measure temperature with the thermometer, and in case of need apply a drip.


TEACHES - the best way to learn something is through fun! The doctor playset will allow even the youngest ones to get used to medical treatment, they will also learn about the basic rules of first aid.


SAFE FOR CHILDREN - the table and the accessories are all safe for the child and can be used by children over the age of 3. The smooth shapes are well suited for children and will ensure the safe playtime. The playset holds the CE and EN 71 certificates.


SPECIFICATIONS - certificates: CE, EN 71, age: 3 +, dimensions (height/width/length) : 62/50/36.5 cm, weight: 1.4 kg, set includes: doctors table with a tap (it can also serve as a e.g. doll changing table or as a dressing table), drip feed, glasses, special medical instruments, thermometer, tweezers, tongs, scissors, stethoscope (doctors earphones), colorful pill boxes.

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