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Playing shop in a pretend grocery store not ontly teaches knowledge about different products but also how money and credit cards work. It helps your child to understand how society functions and learn about family duties. This fantastic shop play set with a credit card reader, pretend money and a bar code scanner for products and groceries.  The cash register has number and function buttons which turn on LEDs when pressed, and then you hear a "ding" noise. The set has a toy scale with buttons that have fruits and vegetables printed on them and a pull-out cash drawer which will open after pressing the CASH button.
The cash register toy set has also a scanner where a toddler can scan products and feel like a real shop assistant. You need to press a button and the scanner will turn on a light and imitate the distinctive sounds of scanning a product. After pressing the button for the card reader, the cash registern will make a sound and the light will start to shine. The set also has a tiny basket to make carrying the shopping easy. All the products are lightweight, colourful and perfectly imitate real items from shops. The set is battery powered (not included), so playing is even more attractive and it enables children to spend many hours on fascinating games.

FULL SET - contains cash register with scales, pretend money, basket and products so you can immediately start to have interesting fun.



SOUNDS AND LIGHT - the set is battery powered and every button turns another light on and gives another sound effect.



SPECIFICATION - dimensions (width/length/height): 22.5/12/12.5 cm, weight: 600 g.



RICH COLOURS - all the elements are multi-coloured and imitate real groceries and other shopping accessories in a very attractive way.



MANY BUTTONS - the cash register has many buttons with different products printed on them, which allows children to develop associative and concentration skills.


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