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An interactive, multifunctional children’s toy, offers a lot of fun, but also encourages the child to learn new skills. The train baby walker with a potty for toddlers is a toy for children who are still learning to walk. The wide range of colors assigned to the particular elements, as well as additional attractions make it so that the child is eager to use the interactive baby-walker. The set consist of a locomotive and an attachable truck. The driving wheel attached to the locomotive can steer the entire set if the child uses it as a ride on toy. This way the child can sit on the truck and push the train forward using their feet. In case of the detachable truck, the handle on the steering wheel serves as support and allows the child to get a good walking lesson. The truck itself makes for a comfortable place to sit for the child. It also features a built in container and a flap so that it can be used as a potty. The child, encouraged by playtime will be more eager to sit on the new toy, which will result in it getting accustomed to using the toilet. The baby-walker, ride on toy, and potty, aren’t the only functions offered by the interactive locomotive. The toy train features many more additional attractions. The child has rattles, beads, cogs and a telephone at its disposal as well as buttons which can turn on happy melodies. Thanks to all that the child will be interested in playing with the toy and as a results, more likely to use the potty.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL - the full set consists of a locomotive and a to truck, which enable driving and learning how to walk , as well as how to use a potty, they also feature elements meant for playtime and the intellectual development of the child.


BABY WALKER AND RIDE ON TOY - the locomotive features a driving wheel, which serves to control and drive the whole set as well as support when the locomotive is used for learning how to walk.


POTTY - on the truck there’s a seat with a flap which allows for it to serve as a potty; this way the child can learn how to use it during playtime which ensures comfort while the parents can teach them about hygiene.


GAMES AND FUN - The set not only allows for a lot of physical activity, but also mental activity; the features rattles, a clock, beads, cogs and a telephone which allow for the child to completely focus their attention while they aren’t learning how to walk, how to drive or how to use the potty; the sounds and melodies as well as the mobile elements, ensure many hours of fascinating playtime.
Features - dimensions (L/H) 60/47cm; weight: 2,7kg

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